ClearValue HHarmony

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The ClearValue Companies began in the water industry, developing and innovating the leading water purification chemical and bio-chemical systems of today. This research, development and innovation brought significant appreciation of the water molecule to the ClearValue Team.

ClearValue's water work led the team to a biological understanding of energy, water, nutrients and the importance in nature in the same. 


It was at this point of knowledge of life on Earth that ClearValue's understanding began of a symbiotic relationship between energy, water and life. And as life cannot exist without nutrients, ClearValue developed its most significant innovation,  the ClearValue H2 

Energy Economy, which is based upon the symbiotic relationship of life on Earth, the symbiotic relationship between energy, water and nutrients. 


HHarmony is an application of the ClearValue H2 Energy Economy HHarmony is an extension of ClearValue's Eenergy, which takes in methane (“CH4” that is preferably bio-gas, yet can be natural gas or cracked oil) and Sunlight to produce electricity, hydrogen, oxygen, pure water and organic nutrients. HHarmony is clean efficacious power generation which is scalable from 100 kilo-Watt (“kW”) to 1 Giga-Watt (“GW”). Cost of power is $0.020 to $0.034 per kilo-Watt-hour (“kWhr”) and dependent on the cost of CH4 or methanol. Installation, capital, cost is location dependent, yet can be planned from $1.50/Watt (“W”) to $3.00/W. Raw materials are CH4 or COH4 and Sunlight; byproducts are pure water and organic nutrients that are preferably used in protein food production. Power generated per unit area is near 10 to 15 X that of solar, photo-voltaic (“PV”), producing 10 to 15 Mega-Watt (MW) per acre of light collection, depending on location. Therefore, if light collection area is limited,  Eenergy and/or HHarmony is the solution.