The ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy 

The ClearValue Hydrogen (H2) Energy Economy produces no oxides of carbon (COx), nitrogen (NxOy) or sulfuar (SOx).

Only water (H2O) is produced.

The ClearValue H2 Energy Economy is both renewable and sustainable, having both Sunlight and methane (CH4) as its raw materials. CH4 is the most challenging green-house-gas (GHG), as it affects our climate and therefore drives climate change at 50 times the rate of carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore, our organic waste will harm life on Earth more significantly than our cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes combined. Any solution to climate change MUST incorporate a means to control CH4 and CO2 emissions.


The ClearValue H2 Energy Economy is both a solution to Climate Change and a next generation solar system, as it produces 10 to 15 times the power per square meter of Sunlight, as compared to the best photovoltaic (PV).   



Answering Critical Market Needs – Humanity is challenged for pure water, safe nutritious food and clean energy. 

ClearValue's innovations are instrumental to solving these challenges.  ClearValue Innovations provide significant value-in-use, thereby, obtaining success with via traditional business, marketing and sales techniques.

Providing Value via Benefits – The ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy is a value-add to the clean energy marketplace, generating clean electricity (e-) at   < $.034 per kWhr (kilo-Watt-hour) effectively competing with coal, natural gas, solar and wind, H2 at < $3/kilogram, pure water (yes, convert oil into energy

and pure H2O), organic nutrients, and clean transportation engines that only emit pure H2O and are very powerful, combusting pure H2 with pure oxygen (O2) - HyOx.

HyOx is the power of NASA rockets – over 12 times the power and torque of natural gas engines and 4 to 10 times that of gasoline or diesel, having an energy efficiency of 45 to 70 %. Hydrocarbon engines are only 15 to 50 %. Further, HyOx engines are longer lasting (> 3 times the engine life).

The ClearValue H2 Energy Economy, by incorporating CH4 as its most significant raw material, provides a clean energy transition for the current hydrocarbon industries. Only about 30 to 50 % of our energy needs can be met by waste or bio-CH4; therefore to meet humanity's energy needs, we must cleanly use natural gas or cracked oil.

Most critically, humanity needs a clean energy bridge, a bridge that will allow the current hydrocarbon energy industry an ability to transform itself. We MUST understand and appreciate that billions of people worldwide depend on the current hydrocarbon industries for their livelihood, e.g. food, shelter and a general life.

IT IS OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE TO NOTE that two current attempts DO NOT solve humanity's challenge: 1) electric vehicles, and 2) bio-fuels. Electric vehicles simply cannot solve humanity's challenge; because, while there is no exhaust from the vehicle, there is A worse exhaust at the power plant. THE ENERGY MUST COME FROM SOMEWHERE. On average, the power grid is dirtier than a gasoline powered vehicle (releases more CO2 per kWhr of energy); and if one takes into account power line losses, electric vehicles are dirtier than gasoline.  Proponents and Elan Must will state (lie by omission) that solar cells are clean. It is true that solar cells do not release a green-house gas; however to be effective, the area required for solar cells is so vast as to never replace fossil fuels in transportation. This is while, solar cells and the electric vehicle DO NOT SOLVE THE CHALLENGE PRESENTED BY THE WORST GHG, CH4.  All while, electric vehicles create a toxic metal waste stream (when Earth does not have enough of these toxic metals to support, anyway).


Bio-fuels drive up the cost of food, which harms the poor. Bio-fuels are worse than electric vehicles. Bio-fuels require fermentation to produce, which releases CO2. Further, by the laws of economics, bio-fuels will never replace gasoline, diesel or kerosene; if bio-fuels do reduce in cost, they will only drive down the cost of gasoline, diesel or kerosene, not replace. 


Per climatologists, humanity has less than 20 years to correct the current global warming trend (which includes colder winters). To meet this challenge, we must have a way to convert the 1.2 billion cars trucks and buses in the world today. The ClearValue H2 Energy Economy provides an economical and most importantly value-added means to retool the world's cars trucks and buses that run on fossil fuels (including trains and boats). Critical to this retooling is the value-add; as, it is in the economic and performance best interest of all to retool from hydrocarbons to HyOx Engines and Eenergy  produced hydrogen and electricity. Value will drive the transition, making economics and capitalism assets to the transition. 

The ClearValue H2 Energy Economy provides humanity a timely solution to climate change. ClearValue plans joint venture partners, on a global basis, to retool existing cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes, as well as trains and boats. 

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