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The ClearValue companies are Texas corporations with innovations protected by patents owned by ClearValue Technologies, Inc. (“Technologies”) that licenses the same to ClearValue operating companies: ClearValue Nutrients, Inc. (“Nutrients”) safe bio-solids nutrient recycling, noxious odor control and methane (“CH4”) production; ClearValue Combustion Systems, Inc. (“Combustion”) H2/O2 engines; and ClearValue Energy, Inc. (“Eenergy”) power generation and H2 production; ClearValue Water, Inc. (“Water”) pure drinking and industrial process waters, along with the chemical and biological treatment chemicals/bio-chemicals thereto; ClearValue Railway & Power Company, an application for the ClearValue H2 Energy Economy; and ClearValue Marine & Power Company, an application for the ClearValue H2 Energy Economy.

Each is a business and market focus, having ability to sub- license patent(s) and contract joint venture partners.  Business and financial expectations for each operating company are per the business plan of each, which is a humanitarian project in the IMF/World Bank heritage bond/asset backed currency program that waits execution. Importantly, by corporate charter, ten (10) % of corporate earnings from each is to be gifted to under privileged communities. 

Value-added Solutions

Each ClearValue solution for humanity: energy, water, nutrients and HHarmony, provide significant added value compared to current products, services and technologies. ClearValue is at the commercialization stage - R&D is complete, prophetic patents filed and prototyping completed. Therefore with the value-add, traditional market forces, e.g. economics, marketing and sales, will be used to drive market change. Value creates demand. Demand drives supply. Then, demand and supply drive needed worldwide change. No regulation is necessary. Further, the significant value-add will provide both significant customer and investor returns. In summary, ClearValue  is using capitalism to drive market change, world change and create a better world.  


Energy - Worldwide 25 quadrillion W-hr of electricity is generated annually; and, 1.2 billion cars, trucks and buses are driven, along with railway locomotives and marine engines. 


Water - Worldwide, near 400 billion gallons of water is purified daily, over 320 billion gallons is surface water and 80 billion gallons well.


Nutrients - Fourteen billion pounds of organic waste is generated every day. There are in excess of 7 billion people on Earth; each produces about 2 pounds of organic waste per day.

Intellectual Property

The ClearValue Team has diligently innovated proprietary, viable and value-added solutions in H2O purification, safe nutrient recycling and clean sustainable hydrogen energy.  The Team has been very successful to develop solutions in H2O purification, macro and micro nutrient recycling, manufacture of H2O purification chemistries, noxious odor control, H2 engines, algal sequestration/conversion of point source emissions, power generation and H2 production, along with, H2 management in Space Travel (NASA).  Technologies owns over 120 nationally issued and/or pending patents worldwide.  All can be resourced at and


The ClearValue Companies currently seek commercialization capital. All technologies and systems are at least laboratory and most are field proven. All are a significant improvement upon products in the market today. All are value-added, specifically targeting customer needs/wants, thereby providing significant beneficial value


If you are a certified investor and have an interest to both do "GOOD" and make a good return, please contact. Enclosed is a video of the CEO, Mr. Richard Haase, presenting the ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy in the studio of NASDAQ.

The ClearValue Companies

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The Earth is mostly water.

Our bodies are mostly water.

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