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The ClearValue H2 Energy Economy brings significant value to agriculture.


There are three constants about agriculture:

   1) It is currently a business with difficult operating margins,

   2) There is plenty of free Sunlight, sustainable energy, and

   3) Most plans and nearly all plants that we grow for food, require indirect Sunlight.


Eenergy is not a photovoltaic system. Eenergy collects Sunlight, transferring the captured Sunlight to the Eenergy process.

By placing the Eenergy Light Collection Troughs or Dishes 10 to 15 feet above ground, crops can obtain indirect Sunlight from the rotating light collection equipment. With indirect Sunlight, crops actually do better.

Further, Eenergy generates 8 to 15 MW per acre of collected Sunlight at $0.034/kW-hr.

Therefore, at just a margin of $0.03/kW-hr and 10 MW per acre, 10 acres of Eenergy can generate near 100 MW => 560,000 MW-hr/year = 560M kW-hr/yar = $16,800,000/year.

In addition to power generation, Eenergy has byproduts that are important to agriculture, the farm.

For every MW of power generation, Eenergy produces about 190 gallons per day of pure water, along with 23 pounds per day of organic nutrients, which make an excellent livestock feed for cattle, hogs, fish, etc.

Agriculture, the farm, is an excellent source of bio-mass.


A full 1/2 of the bio-mass generated by agriculture can be digested with Nutro to obtain methane for Eenergy, while the remaining 1/2 would be biologically safe odor free organic fertilizer.  

Nutro efficaciously produces Class “A” product by thermophillic digestion while generating methane.  Nutro product has no sulfide or ammonia odor; the Nutro product looks and smells like soil.  Further, being primarily a biological process, Nutro is economical. 

Nutro  is an efficacious means to manage bio-solids, eliminate pathogen transport, provide an economical/organic fertilizer, and recycle nutrients. Nutro is a modification of Mother Nature’s Process of nutrient management along with a natural, biological means, of pathogen and odor control.

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