ClearValue is a leader in Hydrogen Energy, Water Purification and Organic Nutrients.


The ClearValue Companies began in the water industry, innovating the leading water purification chemical and bio-chemical systems of today. This research, development and innovation brought significant appreciation of the water molecule to the ClearValue Team.

ClearValue's water work led the team to a biological understanding of pure water and nutrients, as well as their importance in nature's cycles.

It was at this point of knowledge of life on Earth that ClearValue's understanding began of a symbiotic relationship between energy, water and life. Life cannot exist without energy, water and nutrients. Energy, natural energy, exists in combination with water and nutrients; and, life cannot exist without nutrients.

ClearValue's significant innovation, the Hydrogen (H2) Energy Economy is based upon the symbiotic relationship of life on Earth, the symbiotic relationship between energy, water and nutrients. 

The ClearValue H2 Energy Economy combines Earth's water and nutrient cycles, working in concert with nature, rather than against.

ClearValue provides the answer for a clean energy economy.

ClearValue is committed to addressing and solving the root causes and impacts of anthropogenic climate change.

ClearValue goes beyond the mitigation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to the actual removal of methane (CH4) from entry to the atmosphere. 

ClearValue has over 100 patents worldwide that provide sustainable, competitive advantage. 

ClearValue technologies and processes remove carbon from entry to the atmosphere by cost-effectively converting:

  • CH4 and Sunlight into H2, electricity (e-), water (H2O) and advanced organic nutrient systems that operated in combination within, 

  • Value-added closed-loop transportation and power solutions.

No oxides of carbon (COx), nitrogen (NOx) or sulfur (SOx) are produced -- only H2O and organic nutrients.  The ClearValue H2 Energy Economy outperforms other energy attempts, renders fuel cells, batteries and bio-fuels obsolete and is a biological/thermodynamic retooling of existing systems. This improved performance occurs at less cost than current systems.

ClearValue is a leader in water purification chemistries, bio-chemistries and systems.

ClearValue Water Purification is efficacious, producing the purest of waters in surface water purification at the lowest cost. Water purity is measured in neophelometric units (NTU), total organic carbon (TOC) and milligrams per liter of disinfection by-products (DBPs). Water purification cost is measured in $ per million gallons (MG). 

ClearValue is the innovator of polymer coagulants and thereby capable of treating any surface water in a well operating clarifier to < 1 NTU. ClearValue is further the innovator of Ehanced Biological Filtration, which in conjunction with sand/anthracite, produces water at < 0.1 NTU and <1 mg/L TOC, exceeding US EPA DBP targets, at filer loadings of > 5 gpm/square foot.   

ClearValue water purification systems have reduced operating cost in all situations. Cost reductions of surface water treatment operations that incorporate ClearValue Polymer Coagulants and Enhanced Biological Filtration have measured, in addition to water quality improvements, a water purification cost reduction of minimally 22% and maximally 59%; the most efficacious system measured a final cost of $120/MG. A measurable portion of these savings is sludge reduction due the reduction of interstitial water.

ClearValue has developed an innovative Point-of-Entry (POE) water purification device that purifies water for an entire building to < 0.1 NTU, < 1 mg/L TOC,

< 10 micrograms/L DBPs and toxic metals.  

Regardless of water purification plant efficacy, potable water must be transferred to each customer, passing through thousands of feet and often miles of pipe, which contaminate the water. ClearValue's POE Device (Merman) both re-purifies the water and adds a disinfectant to ensure health and safety.

In the case of well waters, often metal and/or chemical contaminants exist that cam be removed by. ClearValue's Merman, which removes well water heavy metals that can both stain porcelain fixtures and cause health issues. ClearValue's Merman also remove well water odor. 


All living things, plant and animal, need nutrients; nutrients make life possible. With death, nature recycles the nutrients of life, be that plant or animal. Nutrients are macro and micro. Macro nutrients are the fertilizers: ammonia, potassium and phosphate. Micro-nutrients are iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc. 

Without nutrient recycle, we must supplement, e.g. the vitamins we take. 

Organic foods comprise both macro and micro nutrients. Organic fertilizers are recycled plant and animal waste that can comprise harmful bacteria and viruses. In fact, the wastewater of any municipality will contain bacteria and viruses of the citizenry.

Cattle waste often contains viruses and even e-coli bacteria. 

To properly and safely recycle  nutrients, thereby properly and safely prepare organic foods, one must remove harmful viruses and bacteria. ClearValue properly prepares nutrients for the next generation, removing bacteria, viruses and odor causing compounds. ClearValue organic nutrients are pleasant and safe. 

Safe organic nutrients are both recycled and generated via ClearValue's H2 Energy Economy and Nutro in the recycling of organic waste.      

HHarmony  is a culmination of ClearValue efforts to harmonize humanity with nature, to harmonize our waste with Sunlight, water and life, to harmonize sustainable energy, water, life and organic nutrients.

HHarmony takes in bio-gas and Sunlight to generate electricity at $0.034/kWhr, pure water, organic nutrients, and H2, as well as oxygen, at $3/kg. Clean efficacious energy from waste and Sunlight, while producing water and organic nutrients to sustain life, the way God and Nature intended.

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The Earth is mostly water.

Our bodies are mostly water.

ClearValue’s Innovations improve

our water, our air, our health and our world.

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